Sabtu, 20 Desember 2014

Rise in Popularity of Online Pharmacies Has Serious Consequences

Sales regulated controlled drugs through online pharmacies is a growing trend in the United States. In a society heavily influenced by the lure of stifling of prescription drugs currently used to treat a variety of biological and behavioral problems, it comes as no surprise that ultimately many of our medical needs will be met by the online pharmacy retailers. There are many benefits to the type of drug distribution. Population with disabilities or stay at home can have their medication is delivered to their homes, buyers enjoy a certain degree of discretion and anonymity, and a broad product selection. Information items can be easily examined and compared by using the website, and the computer can quickly capture potentially dangerous prescription errors. However, despite the benefits appear online trading, there are many significant weakness is also related to the sale of prescription drugs online.

In a study released last Wednesday July 9, by the National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, under the leadership of Joseph Califano, found that most of the websites selling prescription opioids, stimulants, and depression does not require a valid prescription to do so. The increase in the activity of legal drugs have also been associated with the abuse of prescription drugs is growing, especially among students. This year alone there are 365 sites devoted to selling controlled drugs by mail. Generally controlled drugs purchased without a prescription, including Oxycontin, methadone, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium and.

According to a 2005 study completed by Christopher Littlejohn and his colleagues, online merchants can be categorized into four basic types - ". No-prescription" "legitimate", "subscribe," "lifestyle" and legitimate pharmacies operate similar to a traditional pharmacy . Customers must have a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner, and in general this site does not offer any kind of controlled prescription drugs most often obtained illegally and abused. Users pharmacy subscriptions given access to various drugs without a prescription after they sign up for the program and pay a membership fee. This subscription site secretly maintained in hard-to-set areas of the world such as Mexico and Asia. Lifestyle Pharmacies ask customers to fill out a medical questionnaire as a substitute for prescription. They generally provide more elective or fancy drugs that treat conditions such as alopecia, obesity, and impotence. No-Prescription pharmacy just that. These are sites that are willing to submit to the customer controlled drugs online without a prescription. Littlejohn study also found people who are most often ordered illegal drugs of this site is literate, credit cards have individual with internet access. All three of these factors also lead to the conclusion that the perpetrator of the online pharmacy of socioeconomic status are relatively high.

There are many distressing consequences associated with selling prescription drugs online. Unlike conventional pharmacies, there is little or no protection of consumers through the internet. The products can be advertised with false claims and sales of experimental drugs not approved to go unchecked. The administrator illegal sites often remain anonymous and can quickly disable and create a new site that makes it difficult for any regulatory agency to track their activities. Operations are also often run outside the US making law enforcement officials are scrambling to gather international cooperation efforts.

The lack of effective regulation of online pharmacies can lead to disastrous consequences. Francine Haight of La Mesa, California lost her son Ryan overdose of Vicodin generic form, which he ordered without permission online with a debit card. "The Internet makes it easier for drug dealers to sneak into your living room," he said. Online drug sales has led to drug and substance abuse, and death associated with drug interactions, dosage or administration of the wrong, and drugs are not pure. Illegal prescription can end up in the hands of children or others who are not able to use them responsibly.

As sales of controlled drugs without a prescription is a new phenomenon, means to combat the trend is still in development. The FDA has promised to increase the reach and awareness, expand enforcement, and international cooperation to develop a tight bond. In April "Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act" was approved by the Senate and is currently being studied in a House committee meeting. If passed, the legislation would require online pharmacies to be certified true and for doctors to meet with patients before prescribing of controlled drugs. Some state governments have passed laws that regulate the drug trade online but many supporters are pushing more stringent federal regulations. Some search engine companies have begun to fight back against online sellers using a program called, "Pharmacy Checker." Advertisers filter device unlawful and forcing them to provide verification.